Welcome to the Speculator & Lake Pleasant  Community Revitalization Plan website! The goal of the Community Revitalization Plan is to improve to quality of life for both residents and visitors. The Community Revitalization Plan seeks to enhance existing community amenities, support local business, promote economic development, and create an inviting pedestrian environment and waterfront. Please explore this website for information on how to participate online, via mobile phone, in meetings and more.

In order to maximize public input and participation, the Committee hosted a series of public events and workshops throughout the making of the Community Revitalization Plan. In addition, the Committee engaged residents, business owners, and visitors. The Committee also made every effort to keep the community informed about public participation opportunities. Please check this website regularly as it will continue to be used during the implementation process. The success of any plan relies on community involvement, so please take part!

Final Speculator Lake Pleasant Community Revitalization Plan!!!

Plan Cover PageAfter obtaining significant community input, including two public workshops, a business owner’s survey, and numerous interviews with local and regional stakeholders, the Community Revitalization Plan Committee is pleased to announce that it has finalized the Speculator Lake Pleasant Community Revitalization Plan. The Plan provides a strategy that seeks to achieve two goals:

  1. Revitalization initiatives and economic development strategies that support local businesses and improve the economic outlook of the community.
  2. Inviting pedestrian-oriented improvements and community enhancements that build upon existing community amenities and cultural, recreational, and natural resources.

In the coming months the Village and Town will explore ways to implement the recommendations that are outlined in the Plan, which will require additional community support and input. The Committee would like to thank the many individuals that helped make this Plan possible.

Please click here to download the final Speculator Lake Pleasant Community Revitalization Plan

30+ People Attend Workshop!

We had a great turnout at last night’s (October 25th) public workshop. The Committee would like to thank Oak Mountain for hosting! The evening began with a presentation of the Committee’s draft recommendations, which included the community improvement concept plans (see previous post below). Following the presentation, public workshop participants took part in a facilitated group discussion. During the group discussion participants asked questions and offered their ideas and comments. With regards to next steps, the Committee will revise the recommendations and concept plans based on last night’s input (and any additional input that the Committee receives via web comments, email, etc.) and begin to prepare a draft Community Revitalization Plan.

Below is a link to PowerPoint and PDF versions of the presentation. A video of the workshop will be posted in the near future for people to download and view (please check back soon).

Please click on one of the following links in order to view presentation slides and feel free to share your thoughts:

PowerPoint Version (with animations)

PDF Version (without animations)

Draft Concept Plans

In addition to identifying economic revitalization initiatives, one of the goals of the Community Revitalization Plan is to create an inviting pedestrian environment by improving existing community amenities and enhancing cultural and recreational resources. After obtaining input from residents and business owners, defining a more focused study area, examining existing conditions, and reviewing previous planning initiatives and NYSDOT preliminary design reports, the Committee has prepared draft concept plans that depict proposed improvements to the NYS Route 8 and 30 corridors. The intent of these plans is to provide a vision for the community that can be used to pursue grant funding that is needed to implement of these ideas. Because they are conceptual in nature, there are likely site-specific ideas that may not be feasible and/or desirable. Your input will help us identify these issues so they can be addressed during future planning and designs phases.

Please click on the following links in order to view the draft plans:

Key Plan

Corridor South & Recreation Area Plan

Corridor North Plan

Public Workshop Announcement

As part of a continued effort to improve the physical quality and economic conditions within the Speculator and Lake Pleasant communities, the Community Revitalization Committee is hosting its second public workshop on October 25th at 7:00 pm at Oak Mountain.

The Revitalization Committee and Chazen Companies thank all who were able to attend and provide comments at the first Public workshop on August 1st.  Your input is extremely valuable to all of us as the community focuses on future actions.

To date, the Revitalization Committee has conducted several public outreach initiatives including interviews, a public workshop, and a business survey. In addition, the Committee has reviewed previous plans and examined current land use, demographic, and economic trends. Based on this information, the Committee is now in the process of preparing draft recommendations and identifying an implementation and funding strategy, which will be presented at the October 25th workshop.

Because the Committee recognizes the importance of obtaining continued input from all aspects of the community, business owners, local officials, and year-round and seasonal residents are welcome and are strongly encouraged to attend and provide their feedback.

Public Workshop Provides Valuable Input!!!

The August 1st Public Workshop at the Lake Pleasant School was well attended. Approximately 42 residents attended the workshop, which included a presentation of the area’s demographic and economic characteristics. It also included a summary of many of the area’s amenities and attractions. Following the presentation, attendees offered their ideas on what issues should be addressed and what opportunities should be pursued. This included streetscape, pedestrian, public facility, and land use improvements, assistance to local businesses, possible events and attractions, and implementation and funding strategies.

Click here for a PowerPoint version of the presentation

Click here for a PDF version of the presentation

Click here for a copy of the Public Workshop Notes, which includes a summary of all the input.

Public Workshop Announcement

The Speculator & Lake Pleasant Community Revitalization Plan Committee invites you to attend a Public Workshop to discuss ways to improve the community’s physical features, encourage private investment, increase visitation, and ideas and strategies to enhance the local economy.

Where:   Lake Pleasant School

When:     August 1st @ 7:00PM

The purpose of the Public Workshop is to obtain your input and ideas. Residents, business owners, and all other interested parties are welcome and strongly encouraged to attend this important community event.

Community Revitalization Business Owner Survey

Given the important role local businesses play in the success of our community, obtaining feedback from business owners is vital to this planning process. If you are a local business owner we would appreciate your taking the time to complete the following survey. The goal of the survey is to develop a better understanding of our local businesses and their respective issues and needs. It should take about ten minutes of your time. Let your voice be heard!

Click here to take survey

Your responses are voluntary and will be confidential. Responses will not be identified by individual. All responses will be compiled together and analyzed as a group. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Paul Cummings of The Chazen Companies at (518) 824-1930 or pcummings@chazencompanies.com